More make-your-own Halloween costume ideas:

- Get pieces from uniforms that your parents or someone in your family might have worn to make up a costume – ER worker, fast food employee, delivery uniform, etc.  You can always turn it into a zombie worker with some makeup and hair technique.

- What are you going to be for Halloween this year?

-Take an old t-shirt and write Halloween sayings on it:  Will accept cash, Halloween recession costume, my other costume is a zombie, etc.  Have fun making up your own.

-Hippie costume – any tie dye shirts, bell bottom pants, wild colors, flowers, head scarves, peace signs, etc.

halloween costumes, halloween pumpkins

-Look around for old dance, skating, school play, crazy hat day, etc. costumes & rework them to make something new. -Do crazy hair & smudged makeup – make a shirt or sign that says “BC – before coffee” or another saying or quote.

-Using 2 large poster boards, make sandwich signs for yourself and tie one on your front and one on your back. You can be a cell phone, text message, change an ad slogan everyone knows to make it funny, be a lunch board, draw on a bathing suit, etc.

See the DIY Halloween costume video below for more ideas on what you can make at the last minute: