Twilight Trivia Game Cards

Twilight Trivia: Print & Read to Opposing Team

What is the name of Edward’s ‘parents’?

(Esmee and Carlisle)


What did Charlie do for a living?

(He was Chief of Police)

What is the name of the town where Bella lived with Charlie?
(Forks, Washington)

What is the name of Edward’s sister that can see the future?


Which of Edward’s brothers was in the American civil war?

What does the head of the Cullen’s family do for a living?
(He is a doctor)

What is the name of Jacob’s father?
(Billy Black)

What car did Edward drive
(A silver Volvo)

What was the name of the vampire that bit Bella’s hand?

Where did James attack Bella and almost kill her?
(In a ballet studio in Phoenix)

What is the Cullen family’s favourite sport?

What type of car did Alice steal in Italy?
A yellow Porsche

How old is Edward

What is the name of the reservation where Jacob & Billy live?
(La Push)

Which mythical creature has the same nickname as Bella & Edward’s daughter?
(Loch Ness Monster)

Who almost ran Bella over with his Toyota van?

What are the names of Jacob’s 2 best friends pre-werewolf?
(Quil and Embry)

 What is the name of the Italian group of vampires that enforcer their laws?

What is the name of Rene’s new husband?

What is it called when a werewolf finds his mate?

Who killed Victoria?

What is the name of the Volturi vampire that can cause pain in someone’s brain (except for Bella?)

What was the name of the high school Bella attended
(Forks High School)

What type of truck did Bella drive?
(A red Chevy)

Which girls went with Bella to Port Angeles the night she was almost attacked by 4 men?
(Jessica & Angela)

Which airport was closest to Forks?
(Port Angeles)

Where did Bella live with her mother?
(Scottsdale, Arizona)

What is the name of the only girl who could change into a werewolf?

What does Rene’s new husband do for a living?
(He plays Minor League Baseball)

How did Rosalie meet Emmett?
(She rescued him from a bear attack)

Which 2 werewolves joined Jacob’s pack
(Seth and Leah)

What is the name of the people (tribe) that live in La Push?
(The Quiluetes)

Who saved chief Taha Aki from the vampire by killing herself?
(The third wife)

How did Bella break her hand?
(She punched Jacob for kissing her)

Which vampire was the first to be killed by the boy werewolves?

Where does the other vampire family live, that is closest friends to the Cullens? (Alaska)

Where did Bella & Edward have their honeymoon?
(Esme Island)

Who was Bella’s Maid Of Honour?

Who was the Alpha leader and first boy to change into a werewolf?

How did Edward inject the vampire venom into Bella?
(With a needle into her heart)

What was the name of Bella & Edward’s science teacher in Twilight?
(Mr. Banner)

What was the name of the Gym teacher at Forks High School?
(Coach Clapp)

What did Bella order during her first dinner date with Edward in Port Angeles?
(Mushroom Ravioli)

What was the name where the street the ballet studio was located (where Bella got attacked?)

Who was Victoria’s second in command over the newborns?

Which book did Bella keep on her beside table?
(Wuthering Heights)

What was the name of the sports store where Bella worked?
(Newton’s Olympic Outfitters)

What was the name of the newborn the Volturi killed in Washington?

What day is Bella’s Birthday?

(September 13)

What is the name of the mountains that surround Forks?
(The Olympic Mountains)

Where do the Volturi live in Italy?


Which vampire woman had her sites set on Edward?
What was the name of the 2 year old Quil imprinted on?
What was the name of the last great Spirit Chief of the Quileutes?
Chief Taha Aki