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Massai Warrior Dance

A Maasai warrior doing the jump dance. They do a ceremony to mark the coming of age of young Maasai warriors. The jumping dance is also know as Adumu or Aigus, which means "to jump" in their native language. Notice the straight posture and how the heels rarely touch the ground.

This dance is how a Maasai warrior finds a mate, and the highest jumper gets the gals. It is also a show of strength and manhood. Maybe they should check out our video on power jumping!

Morans protect the Maasai cattle from lions and usually have long hair. The Morans paint their hair extensions with red ochre. The warriors wear different versions of red robes/cloaks etc., which are a sign of danger to frighten off wild animals, including big cats.

Unlike most forms of African music, the Maasai traditionally do not use drums. However, like most parts of Africa, dance is used to celebrate many events, beliefs and emotions for the Maasai people.