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Learn Dance

Dance Turns Video

Hip Hop House Dance Lesson - with Rebecca Mills

How to do pirouettes for Ballet

Learn the Hip Hop Dance Steps to Disturbia Prom Night

Learn the Hip Hop Dance Moves to Prom Night Thriller

Hit the Lights Tutorial

Throughout our site you will find free online dance lessons, gymnastics tutorials, cooking recipes, games, jokes and a lot of fun stuff.

We love dance, gymnastics and cooking so hope you find some videos you like. You can also check out our youtube channel: fitforafeast and our facebook page.

Kids Cooking

Sweet Potato Fries Recipe Video

Pumpkin Dip Restaurant Recipe

Reading Food Labels - Pancake Syrup Labels with Mary

How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds for Halloween or Thanksgiving

Pumpkin Seeds Recipes for Halloween - Various Toppings

Spooky Halloween Cupcakes

Fruit Kebabs

Healthy Trailmix Recipe

Beef Tacos Recipe

Pizza Party Recipe

Knife Safety Tips

Other Videos

How to make Tye Dye T-Shirts

How to do a head stand

Cheerleading Scorpion, Heel Stretch and Scale

Trampoline Tutorial Competitive

Sunday Chat - Photographer Nathan

Hand Walking - How to walk on hands tutorial video

How to do a Handstand - Gymnastics

Makeup Tutorial for Stage, Dance Performers

Decorate Christmas Ornaments

Making Christmas Ornaments - painting craft

Candy Cane Reindeer Holiday Craft

Holiday Baking- Christmas Cookie Recipe

Hair Drying Tips

Hair Care- Proper Washing and Conditioning

Gymnastics Tumbling Awesome 8 year old

Soccer Goalkeeper Training

Stretching Exercises Back Stretches with Coach Don

Learn How To Do The Splits

How to make a Halloween Gingerbread Haunted House

Power Jumps for Cheerleading and Dance

Cheerleading - Advanced Basket Toss Stunt

Cheerleading - Levels of Cheerleading Stunts

Cheerleading Tumbling - for Cheerleading, Gymnastics and Dance

17 Again Movie Review

Hannah Montana The Movie Review

Back to School Supplies and Backpacks

Top 10 Nutrition Tips for Kids

Home Smoke Detectors with Paul the Firefighter

Top 10 Online Safety Rules for Kids

Advanced Splits 3

Sumo Wrestling Suits

Back Walkover Tutorial

Front Walkover Tutorial

Elbow Stands

Handstand Press

How to do Handstand

Hand Walking Tutorial

How to do a Cartwheel

Aerial Tutorial

Back Handspring

Learn to dance, try one of our yummy recipes and have fun with gymnastics moves!

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Dance Videos

Acro Dance Routine 2012

Bollywood Dance Group Age 11

Lyrical Dance Solo Kat

Lady Gaga Dancers Large Group

Dance Dancing Ducks 7 Year Olds

Dance Party - Katrina's Birthday

Firework Dance Katy Perry

How to Do The Forward Worm

Wild Card Acro Dance Group

Never Say Never Dance Justin Bieber

How to Do a Dance Needle

Ponytail Hairstyles for Dance

Kesha Tik Tok Dance Party

Tap Dance Group Competition Bugle Boys

Hannah Montana Ice Cream Freeze Dance

Dancing Fools Tap Group Dance Age 9

Acro Duet Katrina and Tianna Siamese Cats

Street Style Hip Hop Dance Group Age 10

Cha Cha Cha Dance - Julian and Ashley

Salsa Basic Dance Step with Julian

Michael Jackson Dance Step - with Caroline

Mini Wonders - Acro Dance Group

Disturbia Vampire Dance - Hip Hop Dance Lesson

Fame 2009 Dance Steps from the Fame Movie -1

Fame the Movie 2009 Dance Moves 2- Dance Lesson with Rebecca

Group Dance Performance - Break the Ice 2008

Kick Step Ball Change Dance Lesson with Caroline

Prom Night - Halloween Thriller Disturbia Dance

Jazz Pumps Walking Forward Dance Lesson with Tabitha Lupien

Hoedown Throwdown Dance Steps from Hannah Montana Movie

Hairspray Dance Lesson - Nicest Kids in Town with Tabitha Lupien

Hip Hop Dance Lesson - Body Roll with Caroline Torti

Hip Hop Dance Lesson - Kick,Ball,Change with Caroline

Dance Warmup Exercise - Kids Cardio Workout Video

How to do the Basic Cha Cha - Latin Dance Step

Lady Gaga Dance Steps

Party in the USA Dance Lessons - Miley Cyrus

Check out our dance section for more dance videos!

Games Videos

Sharks and Castaways


Capture The Flag - 1 flag

Outdoor Sidewalk Chalk Art

How to Play Hopscotch - Rules

Chat Videos

Interview with Tabith Lupien - Hairspray Movie

Caroline Torti - Sunday Chat
- 8min. full length version

Interview with Aidan, child model on his young modeling career.

Chat with Jessica - Building a School in Africa - Africa Charity

Our Videos - Dance, Gymnastics, Cooking and more..

Sloane When I Sing

Sloane - at Age 10
"When I Sing"

Katrina Brass Band Dance

Katrina -at Age 9
"Brass Band"

Hannah Montana Hoedown Throwdown Dance Moves Miley Cyrus

Hoedown Throwdown
Dance Steps
"our version"