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Aerial Tutorial

An aerial is basically a cartwheel with no hands.  This is an advanced gymnastics skill and is best learned with a trainer or coach. 

Make sure you practice these on a softer surface like a gym mat, grass, carpet, etc.  You should already be able to do a cartwheel and a one handed cartwheel before you try aerials.

Aerials are easier to learn when you have momentum.  It helps to get a run and then do the aerial – but springing up instead of forward (like a cartwheel). 

Once you spring forward, you want to whip one leg than the other one around.  If you get nervous or feel like you will not make it around, put your hands down to catch yourself.  You can try to go a little longer each time without putting your hands down, until you don’t need to put them down at all.

You can also do several aerials in a row or an aerial from standing (with just a hop to get into it).   Aerials are more difficult to master than many other skills and take practice. 

One side will usually be easier than the other, so keep working on the easier side until you get it.  Good luck!