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We have had a lot of requests for ways to get into a handstand from the ground.  In this video, Katrina shows 3 ways to get into a handstand:  a straddle, a tuck and a pike.   We also show you how to do it from standing by bending over and straddling into a handstand. 


Most people find the tuck up the easiest and the pike up the hardest, but you can see what is easier for you.
Before you try these gymnastic skills, you should already know how to do a handstand.  You will need to be able to support yourself when you get up. 

A good idea is to have a spotter, or partner, to keep you from falling over or to help you get your legs up while you are learning the skill.

Always practice gymnastic skills on a mat or softer surface (like grass, carpet, etc.)    Make sure to hold your stomach muscles to help you control the movements. 

We also give you suggestions for coming down from the handstand, but recommend you watch our handstand video before you attempt these skills.