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Splits Roll

How to do Split Rolls

Before you try to do the split roll, you must have either your left or your right side splits.  If you don’t have them, watch our 3 videos on how to do the splits and practice the stretches and tips till you get it.

The split roll can be done to the right or left – depending on what is easier for you.  Eventually, you can try to get both ways. 
It helps if you go quite slowly with these at first. 

Just practice going into your inverted split and bringing the correct leg over the top.  Practice it over and over slowly until you are comfortable with the movements.  Then you can try to speed it up since it looks cooler when it is done quickly.

Try to keep your legs straight and feet pointed, and don’t move all around the floor but stay in (roughly) the same spot.  Have fun doing split rolls!