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Elbow Stands Tutorial

How to do an Elbow Stand

Elbow stands are mainly used in dance, but also gymnastics, acro gym, cheerleading and more.  Elbow stands are usually easier to do than handstands.

Elbow stands are great practice for balance and can help you with your handstands. 

Once you get used to balancing, you can do lots of fun poses – like stag, double stag, front split, side split, freestyle and more.  They also look cool when everyone does them together as a group – like in a group acro dance.

Katrina and Sloane give you tips to do elbow stands and for getting out of them when you are done.  Have fun trying these at home – but please practice on a gym mat or softer surface (like carpet, grass, etc.) 

If you are nervous trying these, then it helps to work with a partner who can help you get your legs up and catch you if you fall.  Have fun with these!