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Front Handspring Tutorial

How to do a Front Handspring

This video is a tutorial on how to do a front hand spring. Sloane and Katrina are joined by their friend Alex.  You can see other videos with Alex in them like our Zacada Circus School series.  She is also in a lot of our dance party and dance tutorial videos.

Front hand springs are not as hard as back handsprings, but always practice them on a soft surface - like a mat or grass.  We show you different ways to do them and also show them in slow motion so you can see the technique.  This video was shot in Katrina’s backyard.  It was very hot that day and the mat was moving slightly – so the landings aren’t all perfect.

We hope these tips help you with this skill.  Remember that it is best to learn these in a gym with a professional coach.  Always have a spotter and do handsprings in a free and clear area where you are not likely to hit anything.  You should be physically fit with some gymnastics training before you attempt this skill.

Have fun learning this gymnastics move – front handsprings.  You can use them in acro, gymnastics, cheerleading and dance routines. 

Let us know when you’ve mastered your front handspring! See our back handspring and other gymnastics tutorials.