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Cheerleading has come a long way and is now a sport in its own right.  Watch this training video to learn about the 5 things you need to be a cheerleader: tumbling, dance, jumps, stunts and pyramids. 

You also need your voice as well as confidence, enthusiasm and lots of energy.  You can also hear how dangerous cheerleading can be, and how many cheerleaders end up with injuries.

Spotting is very important in cheerleading.  A spotter helps steady or balance stunts and catches the flyer if she falls.  The spotter is often a taller person, so they can catch a flyer at the highest point possible to slow her descent. 

A spotter must also know how to catch properly – head and neck first – to prevent the most serious injuries.  A spotter must be quick thinking, attentive and have quick reflexes.  Cheerleading can be a very dangerous sport, so the spotter plays a very important role in preventing injuries.