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For our gymnastic tutorials, visit our "On The Mat" section.


How to do a Handstand

Gymnastics zone Here is our tutorial video on how to do a handstand including warmup exercises.

Although you may be tempted to skip the warmups, please don't because your muscles should be warm before doing any kind of gymnastics or handstands.

There are several different types of handstands including more advanced ones like the press, stag, double stag etc.. Hope you enjoy the video and get your handstand with these how to do a handstand training tips. You can also see more gymnastics and acrobatics here in our gymnastics section.

You can also learn how to do a headstand.

Practice on your own gymnastics mats for safety and fun.

Gymnastics and Acrobatics

After dance, gymnastics is our favourite sport.  There are so many cool types – rhythmic (using hoops, balls, ropes, etc.), power tumbling, artistic, acrobatics… 

Katrina is taking rhythmic gymnastics this year and competing using different apparatus including the hoop, ribbon and ball.

Some of these people look like they are made out of rubber!  If you love trampoline like we do, you will understand why we made that a whole section on its own.  Gymnastics builds strength, coordination, flexibility and more.  It is fun to watch & even more fun to do (even if you don’t quite look like these Olympians.)