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Men's Gymnastics Montage

Men’s Gymnastics Montage

Men’s gymnastics requires strength, coordination and lots of practice! This video shows Olympic and college gymnasts performing on equipment which make up the apparatus for men’s artistic gymnastics.

Men must train to become skilled on the 5 apparatus that make up men’s gymnastics:  the pommel horse, suspended rings, vault, parallel bars and floor.  In order to compete, men must train and perform skills on each of piece of equipment.  There are different levels and each level requires some compulsory skills.  Gymnasts can’t move up to the next level unless they have mastered the required skills at the current level.

Gymnasts will train on and off the equipment to build their strength, coordination and flexibility.  Training sessions always begin with stretching, and usually end with stretching, to help prevent injury.  Muscles must always be properly warmed up before attempting to do skills.  Proper training by qualified coaches is also important to avoid injury and to perform skills properly.

Points are awarded based on technique and form.  Judges look for arm and leg position, stretched and pointed legs and toes, proper back alignment and more.  Athletes are also judged on height, speed, level of difficulty, presentation and other factors.  Most high level competitions will have multiple judges and scores will be based on the average of all the judges’ scores.

In international competitions, judges will be from all different countries, to try to protect the athletes from biases. All the judges have to be trained, certified and experienced in order to be qualified to judge.  Many judges used to be athletes themselves.

It is very fun to watch men’s gymnastics.  The strength and athleticism is incredible and gets more impressive each Olympic event.