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Gymnastics Training

Watch some kids training to be gymnasts and see the equipment, the training methods, spotting, falls and more.  This video gives you a great feel for what it is like training in the gym. 

Artistic gymnastics

Artistic gymnastics is one of the most popular summer Olympic sports that people watch.  People train 40+ hours a week, many starting training at a very early age of 3 or 4.  Gymnastics requires strength, coordination, flexibility, balance and guts.  Some of the tumbling sequences and high apparatus can be very scary to those who are starting out.

The skills for men and women are different, although both have floor routines and vault.  Men have parallel bars while women have the uneven bars.  Men train on suspended rings, while women practice routine on beams.   Men also do pommel horse.

Much of the training, especially in the early years, is not done on the equipment, since it can be dangerous.  For instance, a stripe painted or adhered to a mat will be the same width as a balance beam, so girls can practice without fear of falling off.  This is especially helpful when they are trying to do walkovers, handsprings or aerials. 

Gymnastics Strength Training

There is also a lot of strength training, like rope climbing, push ups, chin ups and other exercises.  Gymnasts spend time building their strength and flexibility as well as their skills on each of the apparatus. 

It is best to learn gymnastics skills in a gym with proper equipment, soft landing mats and trained coaches who can spot and show proper technique.  Gymnasts must dedicate a lot of time to training over years and years to get as good as the ones you see at the Olympics.

Watch some kids training to be gymnasts – see the equipment, the training methods, spotting, falls, etc. Watching this video will give you a great feel for what it is like in the gym. Most of this video was filmed in Plano, Texas or Riverside, California.  Check your local gyms for recreational classes to try gymnastics yourself.