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Chinese Acrobat Show

Chinese Acrobat Show

This is a show with amazingly flexible and strong Chinese acrobats. Very cool & would be fun to see live!

Acrobatics go back a long time in Chinese culture.  Children that are very flexible and showed promise were often trained in acrobatics from a very young age.  The training would combine a variety of strength and flexibility training in addition to learning the tumbling and balancing skills.

Many of the skills are individual skills and some are performed as part of a duo or group, requiring further balancing and coordination skills.

Some acrobatic routines also bring in props or apparatus, like hoops, balls or clubs.  Some resemble magic acts as the acrobats balance plates, juggle or do other skills that require incredible coordination as they are doing their balancing.  It takes years of practice to be able to learn to perform these incredible stunts.

Cirque du Soleil has really made acrobatic shows popular in recent times.  The Cirque started on the streets of Montreal and Quebec, with street performers doing acrobatic, magic or funny performances for audiences that would give them money in appreciation.  Now, cirque shows are seen by millions all over the world.

Music and costumes can really add a lot to an acrobatic performance.  Lighting and dramatic performances can help the acrobats keep their audience riveted by their skills and stage show. 

It is fun to make up your own cirque type acts for family and friends.  While they probably won’t be as professional as this one, they can be a lot of fun to perform and watch.