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Uneven Parallel Bars

One event in women’s gymnastics is the uneven bars.  This video montage shows how the uneven bars and routines have changed from the 1950’s to 2005.

Uneven bars are used in artistic gymnastics routines. The gymnast jumps from bar to bar and they are set at two different heights.

Unlike the men's parallel bars, the women's uneven bars are at different levels. The routine must have a flight element from the high bar to the low bar and also from the low bar to the high bar.

There must also be a flight element in the routine to the same bar and the gymnast must use at least two different grips and a close bar circle.

A turning handstand can also be added to the routine and the dismount has to be perfect.

Unlike a dance competition, the judges score this type of routine based on difficulty and execution. Form, technique and composition will gain points.

If a fall occurs, a full point is deducted and the gymnast has up to 30 seconds to get back on or else forfeit.

Kids can get a horizontal bar to start learning the bars.