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Men's Acrobatics

Watch these Chinese gymnasts perform a show similar to ones you would see in Cirque du Soleil. You really have to be in shape to do this stuff. Bet they don’t eat much fast food!

Acrobatic performances go back for centuries in China.  Many children that show flexibility and acrobatic skills are trained from a very young age to become acrobats, dancers or gymnasts. 

Performing these high level skills requires a lot of training hours each week.  Some skills are individual ones and some involve partners, bringing balance and physics into the equation.  There are many variations in acrobatics – from the traditional Chinese style performances to tumbling, acro gym or acro dance.

Acro gymnastics are becoming more and more popular in America.  This usually involves partners or small groups who  perform balancing skills.  Often there are stronger or bigger athletes who are the ‘base’, and lighter or smaller gymnasts who are the ‘tops’. 

Acro dance is a form of dance that combines dancing and gymnastics, bringing flips and gymnastics skills into dances to music.  Tumbling is similar to floor routines and is another form of gymnastics training. 

Many gymnasts who don’t want to learn all of the equipment and apparatus required with artistic gymnastics take tumbling.  Tumblers work on floor routines on gymnastic mats.  There are also power tumbling tracks that combine the bounce of a trampoline with the cushioning of a gym matt.  Power tumbling is usually done in a straight line on a long rectangular shaped track, where athletes do flip after flip and amazing powerful routines.

We hope you enjoy this men’s acrobatic video.