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We just can’t stop watching these women.  They are so amazing, flexible and coordinated.  More covereage of the Beijing Olympics 2008 in this montage.

Rhythmic Gymnastics 2012

The London 2012 games were filled with awe-inspiring rhythmic gymnastics performances. Katrina was inspired by them too and is currently competing in Rhythmic Gym.

Group rhythmic gymnasticsRhythmic gymnastics can also be performed by a group as for instance this ball routine was performed during the 2012 games.

Flexibility is only one part of rhythmic but learning the apparatus seems to be the most difficult. You always need to be aware of where your apparatus is. Different apparatus includes the ball, hoop, clubs, ribbon and rope.

Rhythmic gymnastics routines are performed on large mats about 42.5 feet by 42.5 feet in size. You can't step outside the area or risk point deductions.

The next Olympics will be held in Rio in 2016. "The group qualifying phase begins with the presentation using five balls. In the next phase, ribbons and hoops are used. The points for the two performances are added, and the eight best teams go on for the medals, with two more presentations." This is the first time the Olympics are being held in South America.

Over 10,000 athletes will compete in Rio.