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Floor Routine - Alicia

Floor Routine - Alicia Sacramone

Alicia Sacramone, winner of 10 world medals, is the most decorated U.S. gymnast in the history of the World Gymnastics Championships. 

This video begins with the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team in a huddle with Alicia Sacramone giving the girls a very inspiring pep talk.  She seems very down to earth and right at home giving her teammates some last minute words before the competing.

After the huddle, the video cuts to Alicia’s Floor Routine that won her a Gold Medal.  You will see how flawlessly Alicia performs this routine. 

Her music is Santa Maria by The Gotan Project and the choreography is outstanding.  She wears red. A very appropriate color since the music is a Tango. 

Not only are Alicia’s tumbling passes clean and perfectly executed, but her dancing and performance level is top notch.  It is obvious that Alicia enjoys doing a routine to this piece of music, and her ending pose is fantastic!

You will want to watch this video over and over again.  It is uplifting and inspiring and clearly illustrates what a talented gymnast Alicia Sacramone is.  Her other strength besides the Floor Exercise was The Vault, earning her National and World Championship Gold Medals.  

Interestingly enough, Alicia began dancing at the age of five and then made the switch to gymnastics three years later when she was eight. 

She had a very successful gymnastics career and was even one of the first female athletes to be signed as a CoverGirl spokesmodel along with Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin.