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Rhythm With Props

The first rhythmic gymnastics championship was held in Budapest, Hungary in 1963. It became an individual Olympic sport in 1984.  Group rhythmic gymnastics became an Olympic sport in 1996. 

This video illustrates different solo and group routines with ribbons, hoops, balls etc.  One of the many differences between Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics is the costume. 

In Artistic Gymnastics, it is more of a team uniform, whereas in Rhythmic, it is more of a costume that goes with the theme of the music or story the routine is telling. 

There is also intricate patterns, beading and detail on the fabric, unlike the very solid and simple style of an Artistic Gymnastic uniform.  This is also in keeping with the gracefulness and combination of dance and athleticism in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Rhythmic gymnastics is different from artistic gymnastics because the athletes perform with equipment instead of on equipment.  The gymnast performs to music, so they must combine dance, grace and coordination with the props (ball, ribbon, clubs, rope or hoop) when they perform.