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This section is filled with funny animal jokes for kids. We update our animal jokes often so check out some of these for a good laugh, or send us one to include with the next update if it is funny.
In the funny animal jokes section you will find everything from funny fish jokes to barnyard animal jokes.

Driving with Turkeys
A family was driving along the road with twelve turkeys in the back seat gobbling out the window when a police officer stops the car and says: "You guys can't drive around here with wild turkeys in your car, so you should take them to the zoo, today. The family agrees and they head off to the zoo right away. The very next day the same family was spotted by the same policeman driving along the road with twelve turkeys again. The angry policeman shouts at them: "Hey! I thought I told you to take those turkeys to the zoo yesterday." The dad replies "We did. Today we're taking them to the movies". Check out our other animal jokes above.

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