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Stage Makeup - Dance

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Dance caboodle makeup casesDance makeup kit for stage and dance

Stage Makeup Tutorials, Caboodles and Makeup Kits

Stage Makeup for Performers - Dance

Performers like dancers, skaters, gymnasts, pageant contestants, actors, singers, cheerleaders and musicians often perform live on stage.

Fancy Stage Makeup - Pros Only (expensive!)

professional stage makeup kit caseProfessional stage makeup kits are available with all of the bells and whistles. These type have the whole makeup mirror with lights, removable legs and many different compartments in tiered trays for easy and quick access to everything in the case.

NYX Makeup Artist Train Case with Lights, Extra Large Black/Silver, 1 Ounce

The makeup you need for stage is very different than everyday makeup. There are many bright lights on stage that can make you look washed out. Therefore, the makeup has to be applied to make you look nice on stage.

Our tips and tricks such as highlighting your features, accentuating your eyes with unique contacts and adding that glow to your skin will help you stand out on stage and leave a memorable performance for your audience.

See the videos in this stage makeup section for ideas on applying foundation, eye makeup, lips for stage, eyeliner and false eyelashes.

We have put together a makeup kit list of popular items dancers want in their caboodle.

Good luck at your next stage performance!