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OK, what were you expecting to find under "Antarctica Cultural Dancing"! :)

Well alright, here is a link to penguins dancing, see the Dancing Penguins non-Cultural Dance in Antarctica.

The winds coming spun off from Antartica influence most of the world weather patterns. So if we find any dancing wind patterns, we will post those as well!



Antarctica Cultural Dancing

Dancing in Antarctica is mainly done by Penguins (and maybe by a few research scientists when they visit the research station there).

Antartica is at the bottom of the world and the cold and harsh conditions means that no one lives there. Therefore, there is not much human history - including dance history. Since the main inhabitants of the land are penguins, and since penguins are just so adorable, we decided to do a page on Antartica dancing anyways.

Despite some coca-cola commercials and other winter style pictures, there are no polar bears sharing the space with the penguins. Polar bears are only in the north circle - so the 2 will never meet. I guess that means no dance off...