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South Pacific

South Pacific dance styles often include beautiful costumes and great rhythms.

Cook Islands Dance

Cook Island Dance

Rarotonga School Festival 2006. Kids from the Avarua School do traditional Polynesian dances.

The Cook Islands are small islands in the South Pacific, so there is plenty of room along all of the beautiful beaches there to setup and perform.

Cook Islands dancers

The Cook Islands are located in the South Pacific and made up of 15 small islands. Transport to the Cook Islands is usually via New Zealand, but flights go from Tahiti and other islands as well. They speak Raratongan and English, and it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Cook Islanders dance to not only popular Christian music but traditional Polynesian style music as well. There are many dance competitions across the islands each year, so if you are looking for a cool place to go to a dance competition, brush up on your Polynesian style dancing. Learn the Cook Islands hura dance style which is more aggressive and fierce than the traditional hula found in Hawaii.

Dance troups in the Cook Islands get some work through the many hotels that offer weekly performances.

Many Cook Islanders actually brought their dance style to New Zealand where they continue to dance and live today.

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Cook Islands dancers perform on the beach