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Gregory Hines Tap

Gregory Hines Tap

Gregory Hines was born in New York City on February 14, 1946 and died August 9, 2003.  He was an American singer, dancer choreographer and actor.  Gregory danced with his older brother when he was quite young and they were known as “The Hines Kids” and then later as “The Hines Brothers”.

Gregory Hines made his Broadway debut with his brother in the play The Girl in Pink Tights in 1954.  He would later be nominated for Tony Awards and win with his role in Jelly’s Last Jam in 1992.  One of Gregory Hines’ idols was Sammy Davis Jr.

In the 1970s, Gregory Hines was the lead singer and a musician in a California based band called Severance.  He started his movie career with Mel Brooks’ History of the World, Part 1 and then went on to perform in movies such as The Cotton club, Running Scared, Tap, White Nights, and Waiting to Exhale.  Gregory Hines also had his own TV series in 1997.

In this video, Mr. Hines has a dance off with himself.  It is a very fun video. He was truly one of the greatest tap dancers of all time.