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White House Tap

White House Tap

Savion Glover, one of the best tappers of all time, performs at the White House.  Bill Clinton was president at the time. 

Savion is with his company NYOTs, Omar Edwards, Abron Glover, Jason Samuels, and Ayodele Casel, in 1998. These guys are amazing – you have to watch this!  Savion also talks about what tap means to him. Wow – imagine getting good enough to dance for the prez?

When you look at this video, you can see close-ups on the tappers’ feet.  Their tap shoes look very similar to the type that Sloane wears for her group dance and her tap solo.  They are made by So Danca and are made with the intent that tap shoes are truly an instrument. 

When you are tapping, you are creating rhythm sounds.  That is what is so apparent in this video.  The tap dancers make up their “own song” with their steps and their tap sounds. 

These particular tap shoes are great quality and the taps make really great sounds.  Over time, the taps loosen a bit and that gives an even better and clearer sound. 

It is so important in tap dancing that your feet hit the ground so that every step makes a sound, whether it’s soft (brush like) or loud like a stamping or stomping sound or in between!