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The Jewish culture of Israel has many dances. This is a montage of some of them, performed by a Polish dance troupe. There are many Jewish people around the world, and many of the traditional dances are performed at weddings and celebrations.

The Jewish culture has a celebration for the coming of age called a Bar mitzvah for a boy and a Bat mitzvah for a girl. Boys are thought to become responsible for their own actions at 13, and girls at 12 years old.

Israel is a country in Western Asia by the Mediterranean Sea. Isreal is the only predominantly Jewish state in the world, with 5.7 million Jewish people out of a total population on 7.5 million. Israel was formed as a country in 1948, with many Jewish refugees
seeking shelter after World War II. The modern State of Israel has its roots in the biblical land of Israel, also known as Zion, with much history and religion dating back thousands of years.