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Freestyle Jumping

Check out the world champ in freestyle jumprope:

Jump Rope - Freestyle Jumping

Nick freestyle skipping champFreestyle Jumping is popular all over the world.  Many talented jumpers never go to the big competitions. Nick Woodard does some amazing freestyle moves in the US National Jump Rope championship. It looked like there were even some hip hop dance moves mixed in with the skipping.

Freestyle Jump rope is the choice of skipping styles among the top competitive athletes in the sport of jump rope.

Some freestyle jump rope moves include the frog, one-handed frog, behind the leg cross and backwards jump. Mixing single rope freestyle moves within a routine is the choreography similar to dance choreo. The jump roper adds tricks that keep the audience excited.

Jumprope competitive teams perform double dutch and freestyle demonstrations although these types are also often performed by solo skippers. Trick jumping adds the gymnastics and dance element to skipping.