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Skipping Games

Down the Mississippi
Where the boats go PUSH!
(Jumpers stand in line – with the 2 enders turning the rope.  On the word ‘push’ the first jumper in line is pushed into the rope.  The rhyme is repeated & the second player is pushed in.  The 2 jump together & the rhyme is repeated – on the next ‘push’ the second jumper pushes the first player out & the third person in line is pushed in.  This keeps repeating.

Expert Jumpers

Firecrackers 1

Firecrackers 2

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Try this out with friends

California oranges, fifty cents a pack
Come in, Emma, and tap me on the back
(Person who is called in jumps in and taps the jumper, who jumps out at the end of the verse)

Jump Rope Games

Jump rope takes alot of practice so having jump rope games to play can be fun while you are improving. In the arcade, there is a jump rope game as well (without a rope), where you just jump over as the lights go around in a circle. The lights keep getting faster and faster.

Jump Rope Games

Rhymes to skip to:

Sheep in the meadow
Cows in the corn
Jump in on the month that you were born
January, February, March, April…..

Repeat rhyme again – this time jump out when you hear your birth month.

Not last night, but the night before
Twenty-four robbers came knocking at my door
As I ran out, they ran in
I hit them on the head with a rolling pin

(On ‘I ran out’ – the jumper jumps out.  On ‘they ran in’ she jumps in again)

Jump in the month you were born:

All in together girls
How do you like the weather girls?
January, February, March, April….